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Welcome to MP3 Audio Tools!

Ripping and burning your audio files is what is all about.

We make it easy and inexpensive to get your audio from a CD and also put MP3s on a CDMP3 Audio Tools Makes it easy and inexpensive to move your audio files between your CD’s and your MP3.

~As simple as 123 rip and burn~

Saving your audio files from CD and MP3 players to your computer has never been easier. Storing your audio file collection on your computer and making backup CDs of all your songs is a great way to ensure all your hard work of collecting these files does not vanish into cyber space one day. 
You have $$$ invested in your collection do not let it disappear. Making copies saves you from the heartache of data corruption and degradation.
Organize all your files by band or whatever suits your tastes. You can also create your own CD mixes to take along on trips, that way you will have all the music you love, without having to listen to the music you would rather not hear, not to mention NO commercials.
Rock, Pop, Country, Rap, Hip Hop, only what you like, when you want to listen. Fast burn time so you can be on your way with your collection. Easy set-up and install, easy to understand instructions to burn and rip the files you want.

Download here to get started!

Rip MP3s from an audio CD and save them to your computer. If you are looking for ways to make put your CD collection on your computer then look no further. Transfer all of your songs to your computer and store the compact disc as a backup.

Special introductary offer of only $9.99 for both 123Rip and Audio CD Writer! This is a one time new release offer so register now!


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